Exercise Prescription

Appropriate exercise prescription is a critical skill in rehabilitation. Exercises can be prescribed to aid in rehabilitation from an injury, to address pain, to improve tissue healing, to improve mobility, stability, strength, power, motor control, and proprioception. There are thousands of different exercises to choose from, depending on the goals and objectives of our clients (pain reduction, tissue healing, functional restoration, injury prevention, performance improvement). All of our exercises have been designed with a great deal of thought towards their purpose (mobility, stability, strength, motor control, etc).

Home exercises should be simple to perform, require very little equipment, and be well coached. Coaching exercises requires a good description of the exercise (including the purpose), good demonstration, good coaching, and good feedback on technique.

, Exercise is Medicine

All of our home exercises are reinforced by providing a custom exercise sheet with detailed pictures and descriptions. If you have trouble finding time to perform the exercises, discuss this with your physiotherapists. We have solutions to help with many of the barriers while doing an exercise program (motivation, time, resources, etc)

Exercise Physiologist
Exercise Physiologists (EP) are experts in using exercise as treatment to prevent, manage or recover from many conditions such as cancer, diabetes and chronic pain, reducing the need of medication or medical intervention. If you are healthy you can benefit from seeing an EP to optimise sporting performance, manage aches and prevent other conditions such as sports injuries. Seeking early professional advice and support early can improve your physical health outcomes in long run.